Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sheet Music Sites

I just thought I would write a post on sheet music because I keep forgetting the links to all the good sites. Now when I need to find a song all I have to do is come to my blog, and you can too!

Joe Hisaishi French Fan Site This is a great site even if it is in French. He has a nice collection of sheet music including music from Miyazaki and Kitano movies, and Hisaishi's solo albums. Dave it has Totoro!
YusukeTeam lots of Hisaishi sheets.
Gamingforce Forum You will need to sign up to this view this i think. It has lots of sheet music but this post is dedicated to Joe Hisaishi. Some of the links are broken but i will post some other sites where you can get most of the music.
Gamingforce Forum Another thread, this one is mainly for Full Metal Alchemist fans.
Gamingforce Forum CaptnFlav, he has some rare Hisaishi and lots of other movies. captnflav he is back but this time with Spirited Away.
L'indestin Another French site with anime sheets including Haibane Renmei.
Anime Scores Various anime scores (might be why he named the site Anime Scores)
Yume-mi Various anime scores and HAMTARO!!!!
Josh's He's got lots and lots, definitely all his (Thanks Josh)!
Ichigo's They got lots of anime as well.
Anime's Japanese Music French site number 3 this time with Pokemon!
Raichu's Pokemon sheets music
PianoSquall Game sheet music.
Ricebaby he has a Dark Cloud 2 song :)
Gedtag's Lots of series and games.
Parasoul Lots of games and anime.

Well there is certainly a lot of sheet music to go through. Enjoy!


Tree said...

I gots to try me some of that Pokemon music!!!

Russ said...

Hey, #1 thanks for coming by my blog, I'm glad you like it, and #2 these links are awesome! I'm a huge fan of Uematsu, and listen to his FF piano movements almost daily at work. Now I've got a whole bunch of new stuff to check out!!!

TreeBob said...

No problem Russ! I love your blog and look forward to the next post. I love Uematsu as well. I just got FF X (piano), Zanarkand is my favourite song for sure.

Do you lay piano? My wife uses the sheet music to play the flute.

I wish I could be making more blog entires on the Bruins, but quite frankly they haven't been worth writing about.

Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Dr Who Rawks!!

Josh said...

Not necessarily mine?? All of the transcriptions at that link are mine, I promise :D

All the best to you and your family!

TreeBob said...

Oops!! Sorry Josh! It will be fixed. You must be the best transcriber on the net! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Mr Anonymous (Jeff), yes it does!

Spewford said...

Jim, you haven't posted in so long. Give me the Katamari soundtrack.

TreeBob said...

Ahh hi Spewford. There is a USB memory key on the fridge, get Katamari from the laptop.

Nathan said...

hey, something completely random, but i need the answer. what is the name of the song in fullmetal alchemist that plays when they are talking about the ishbalan massacre? it has the harmonica in it.

TreeBob said...

Hi nathan, could it be this one?

Nathan said...

it might be. i can't tell right now, my computer won't let me on to the link. thanks.

TreeBob said...

All right well it is youtube that the link is on. You can always replace the IP address with Should work either way.

Let me know if it is the right one.

Flame Alchemist said...

The music playing while Ed and Roy were talking about Ishbal is called 'Regret'

TreeBob said...

Well then I guess that makes my you tube link correct

David said...

Thanks for this great list!

I was searching for Joe's sheet music for ages, but couldn't find anything. No wonder! They're all in French!

So thanks again. :D

TreeBob said...

No problem at all David. I guess this type of post never really gets old. Just assuming that all the websites remain up.